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Háčkování velkým háčkem

€ 4.40
€ 4.00 zzgl. MwSt
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Waren-Code: kniha19 Bestellungsnummer des Herstellers : 9788073594848

Do you think that you can only crochet from purchased yarn? But no way! Amazing things can also be created by recycling. Make yarn from strips of fabric you have left over or old clothes you just don't need anymore. And then just a big hook and we can go for it.

You don't have to worry about any complexities or difficult procedures. You can playfully crochet everything from the simplest pillars - from bracelets to fashionable multi-colored bags to original placemats. Detailed instructions and illustrative photos will help even complete beginners to create beautiful things.

In addition, you may have a good feeling that not only will you buy a lot of imaginative things for yourself and your friends, but at the same time, by recycling unnecessary substances, you are doing something for the planet and behaving ecologically.