ABS rubber anti-slip spot 88 ml light pink

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Product description

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The rubber anti-slip is suitable for socks, rugs, rugs, etc. After drying, the plastic paint ensures an anti-slip effect so that you or your child do not slip. Applying small dots on knitted or crocheted socks, stockings and slippers creates a robust non-slip and abrasion-resistant rubber sole.


Detailed Description

Instructions for use: place your foot on solid cardboard. Wrap the contours of the foot with a marker and cut out the imprint with scissors. Insert the cardboard into the selected sock or stocking to create a firm sole and you can apply small latex dots on it. The latex compound is applied directly through a thin hole in the nozzle on the bottle. It is necessary to insert the tip of the bottle more into the fabric and then gradually slowly pull it upwards so that the latex gets directly into the structure and does not stick only to the surface of the fibers. Make small dots in the range of 5-6 mm. Drying time is 8-10 hours. Then remove the cardboard. The socks or stockings are then immediately ready for use. Clean tools with water, immediately clean soiled fabrics and surfaces with water.

You can wash up to max. 40 ° C, do not use the dryer.

Content: 88 ml Diameter: 3.3 cm Height: 16 cm

Composition: latex