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Knitting needles and hooks

Knitting needles of all materials. Made of bamboo, aluminum and plastic. Simple for classic knitting, round for turtleneck and sock knitting.

Knitting needles and hooks

We present sewing wires in many lengths and thicknesses. Our offer includes straight knitting needles, sock knitting needles, circular knitting needles and knitting safety pins. They are made of various materials such as bamboo, aluminum and plastic. We advise that the bamboo, light and ecological variant is particularly popular. For lovers of the classics, we recommend a metal or plastic version in various colors. Such a large selection makes it easy to choose the wires according to the thickness of the yarn and the field used. They are suitable for working with both wool and corded yarns.

Comfortable sewing needles.

Such a wide range of tools allows you to create any products, not only practical, but also decorative. Sewing needles are intended for knitting scarves, hats, chimneys, sweaters, dresses or covers. They can also be used to create covers, throws, rugs or pads. In case of any doubts related to sewing wires, please contact us.