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Bag fastening set

€ 1.52
€ 1.26 without VAT
In stock

Product description

Product code: ostatni900 SKU manufacturer: 8591149010750

Fastening on a handbag or bag consists of two parts, a plate and a rivet. The part without holes includes a plate, which is attached to the part from the inside of the bag. The plates may vary from package to package. The second part with rivets belongs to the flap of the handbag. Then all you have to do is slide them in until you hear a click. Only then is the handbag securely closed. This set contains 2 pairs of rivets. The rivet diameter is 6 mm.


Detailed Description

1 set = 2 pairs of rivets

External dimensions: 28 x 32 m

Internal dimensions: 30 x 39 mm

Not suitable for children under 3 years - risk of swallowing

Composition: nickel