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Bottom for knitting baskets 20x30 cm - natural

€ 4.20
€ 3.47 without VAT
In stock

Product description

Product code: ostatni1001 SKU manufacturer: 8591149500001
Wooden oval with holes is suitable for the production of home decorations. It is precisely laser cut. You can use it as a bottom for pedigree products - baskets and coasters. It is also suitable for crocheting spaghetti yarn baskets. It will also be used for the production of scrubbed pictures and curtains. Last but not least, it can also be used for the production of dream catchers and carillons. You can repaint plywood according to your own imagination, eg with acrylic paints, markers, glitter adhesives, use napkin technique, etc. The oval has 51 holes. Width: 20 cm Length: 30 cm Thickness: 3 mm Hole diameter: 1 cm
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