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Filling - hollow fiber balls 520 g 1 bag

€ 6.76
€ 5.59 without VAT
In stock

Product description

Product code: ostatni80 SKU manufacturer: 011110939660

The ball filling is made of polyester fibers mixed with PES hollow fibers, which are suitable for allergy sufferers. They are soft and smooth, have high resistance to wear. Use: You can use the ball filling for the production of toys or various sewn decorations. You can also use it as a pillow filling. The contents of one bag are suitable for one pillow measuring 40x40 cm. The balls are packed in 520 g bags in a plastic bag.

The balls have a medical certificate.

Package dimensions: approx. 48 x 47 cm Weight: 520 g Certified Certification

The goods are certified.

Ingredients 100% polyester

Techniques upholstery creation of angels, characters and animals production of home accessories production of decorations