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Sewing kit

€ 10.76
€ 8.89 without VAT
In stock

Product description

Product code: ostatni0816 SKU manufacturer: 8591149943201

A very practical sewing kit, which we could call a "first aid kit" for anyone who needs to sew or repair anything on their clothes. It contains basic necessities that you cannot do without.


- 12 spools of threads of different colors

- a box of pins with plastic heads

- bundle of 12 safety pins in 3 sizes (3, 4, 5 cm)

- clickers

- double-sided tape measure (150 cm) in a plastic box

- 9 needles in size 42 - 50 mm, 10 needles in size 30 - 40 mm, 1 threader in a paper basket

The box has dimensions: 3 x 16.5 x 19.5 cm.