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Knitting yarn for hand knitting - news

Chenille yarn Elian Soft Kitty

The first novelty from Elian's yarn series this year. High quality chenille yarn, soft and fine, for knitting and crocheting warm blankets, pillows, scarves and other warm knitwear

Content: 100% polyester
Weight: 100 g
Length: 95 m
Needles: 6-7
Crochet Hook: 6

Sock yarn Nako Boho

Another novelty in the e-shop from the production of Nako - Nako Boho sock yarn in new color combinations

Knitting yarn Nako Boho is a high quality sock yarn. One pair of socks can be knit from one ball of yarn. Thanks to the high content of natural wool, it is warm, does not get wet and thanks to polyamide it lasts a long time.

Content: 75% wool, 25% polyamid
Weight: 100 g
Length: 400 m
Needles: 2,5-3,5
Crochet Hook: 2

Wool yarn Nako Super Inci Hit Tweed

Wool yarn for hand knitting Nako Inci Hit Tweed 

Content: 75% acrylic, 5% viscose, 20% wool
Weight: 100 g
Length: 180 m
Needles: 5-6
Crochet Hook: 5

Wool yarn Elian Country - Novelty

Wool yarn  Elian Country

Content: 80% acryl, 20% wool
Weight: 100 g
Length: 190 m
Needles: 4,5-5
Crochet Hook: 4-4,5

Wool yarn Nako Kar Tanesi

Wool yarn for hand knitting Nako Kar Tanesi

Content: 10% polyamide, 65% acrylic, 5% polyester, 20% wool
Weight: 100 g
Length: 100 m
Needles: 6-8
Crochet Hook: 3

Elian Soft Touch yarn in stock

Content: 100% Acrylic
Weight: 100g
Length: 100m
Needles: 7-8
Crochet Hook: 5

Yarn for children Elian Color Baby antipilling

Yarn for children Elian Color Baby antipilling

Content: 100% Acrylic (antipilling)
Weight: 50 g
Length: 141 m
Needles: 3,5 - 4
Crochet Hook: 2,5