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Our recommendation

Here we try to draw your attention to yarns that you have not even noticed in the flood of species, or you can not imagine what they look like when you knit something or crochet.

Knitting yarn for spring and summer - we recommend natural materials

05.05.2020 13:53 Our recommendation

For spring and summer, we especially recommend yarns from natural materials. Mainly yarn from cotton, possibly in a mixture with acrylic or natural viscose, which For spring and summer we recommend mainly yarn from natural materials. Mainly cotton yarn, possibly in a mixture with acrylic or natural viscose, which not only cools pleasantly in summer, but also guarantees the yarn a natural high gloss.

Yarn unboxing from

11.02.2020 14:54 Our recommendation

We just want to show you what you can look forward to when you order yarn in our shop. Watch the video prepared for us by Krampolínka, for which of course we thank her.

Knitting and crochet from Harmony Elian yarn

31.01.2020 16:42 Our recommendation
A scarf will certainly be needed. Elian Harmony yarn is perfect for this. On the scarf you need just one ball and the result will be a scarf that will pass nicely from one color to another. You can knit it, but also crochet.